The Top 10 Best Photo Blogs of 2013

With the optimized mobility around the web, it’s no wonder why blogging has been warmly embraced by a lot of us. To define it simply, a blog is merely a tool for you to express and share anything what you think is worth sharing. It can encompass your travels, your encounters with different people, food experiences and even about weird engagements that carve worth-telling stories . But the main heart of each blog is that you are able to share something in a space you can call yours.


One element that makes every blog interesting is the presence of photos. Every single photo just gives life and color to the words you’ve written. If photos can turn a blog into something extraordinary, then what can a blog especially dedicated to photos do? Well, the analogy seems to support about the idea of photo blogs.

Photo blogs have been existing since 2002, with the notable explosion around 2006. It’s a personal space in the web that serves different interests. Photographers use it to showcase their images in a periodic basis. But with the sudden takeover of the micro-blogging sites like  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, photo blogs can get some rough competiti0n.

Beyond the complement of social media, there are successful photo blogs out there that are still on the top of their game.These are the photo blogs that gets the most visitors for providing up-to-the-bar photography. That’s why we’re bringing you the Top 10 photo blogs of this year. All of these provide an extensive knowledge for you in the world of photoblogging.

Just what the name suggests , this blog is full of coolness. Lara White, the owner of the blog, keeps the coolness in helping other aspiring photographers on how to grow their businesses. This is practically based on her experience as a successful wedding photographer. So check this blog if you want to learn more, especially if you’re an aspiring wedding photographer.

This blog came into passion for planting some practical and helpful pieces of advice to photographers. They have stacked a lot of photography information and know-hows which are very helpful for those who are still building their portfolio.

This blog is seriously something to check out for every single budding photographer out there. The owner, Kristen Kelp, had some smooth writings, brandings and business concerns that would really keep your hopes up at all times. Not only does she focus about photography but she also aims to apply some holistic approach into how to be successful.

This site is your one-stop site to the grandeur of contemporary fine-art photography. It offers a daily profiling of these awesome photographers whose photos are indeed worth beholding in terms of in-depth interviews, exhibitions and book reviews. It also has its competitions for a chance to feature in this blog managed by no other than Joerg Colberg.

This site is one of the few that reaches out a different side of photographer, with the focus on photographic strategies in visual art – dating from the early period after the invention of the medium up to the present. It contains some essays and interviews from the artists and photographers. However, a strict formula is followed: the personal engagement with an image must serve as a platform to identify or propose alternative or unrecognized functions and roles for ‘the photograph’.

This blog contains photobooks which have become an essential medium to present and view photography. Written by Jeffrey Ladd and some other companies, the blog aspires to giving us more knowledge about photo books and features reviews of the authors’ fairly eclectic collection.

From the name itself, this blog is dedicated to serve as a curator to different photos of today. Authored by Julie Grahame, her words “show more and larger images than average, more depth and give photographers a voice” show how she becomes a tastemaker, judging from the fact that she had work in the realm of photography for almost 20 years.

As a journalist, David Campbell has created an awesome blog. This blog focuses more on documentary photography, photojournalism, multimedia and the new-media economy. He give relevant thoughts to the kind of photography that will survive and if documentary photographers and photojournalists give us a valid picture of the issue.

As we may already know, New York City probably has the highest number of photography galleries in the world. With that being said, NYC blogger Loring Knoblauch’s DLK collection aims to make some insightful reviews regarding the different photography exhibitions and reporting on the latest photography auctions. So to keep track of these exhibitions, better bookmark their site.

This blog written by Marco Bohr focuses on using images as a starting point to connect other images to represent a culture. It’s indeed a photo-cultural blog and you’ll be amazed of the images that are relevant, often for surprising reasons. It connects the cultural dots, usually resulting in fascinating connections and insights.

And these are the few photo blogs for you to check. Now, if you wanted to expand your photography knowledge, better pay these blogs a visit.

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