Photography Classes In Seattle

Seattle’s mild, temperate marine climate allows year-round outdoor recreation, include walking, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, motor boating, sailing, team sports, and swimming. It has many great sites to see too. If you know how to take great pictures, then you can enjoy all these.

Seattle, WA

Also since photography is becoming a very popular hobby these days, you might want to take all the benefits it can give you-take pictures for fun or take pictures for a living, especially now that photography has become essential to the advertising industry. In efforts to sell a product, attractive photographs of the item are used. So when you learn this art, you have the choice of doing it for a hobby or doing it to have a career in the photography industry. To help you, we have listed the bets 5 places in or around the Seattle area where you can take photography classes!

Redred Photo School and Studio
Take Photography classes and workshops in Redred Photo school and studio to take your photography skills to the next level. They offer a variety of hands-on photography classes and workshops in studio labs for both beginner and experienced photographers.

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John Greengo Photography
John Greengo teaches photography in a highly visual way. Learning photography is difficult, but he will make it easy. In his in-person photography classes, he will give you the chance to fully immerse into the learning process. This is your chance to a ‘hands on’ opportunity for learning.

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Snapshot Sandy (SalmonOgraphy)
SalmonOgraphy as Sandy Horvath calls her three hour basic digital photography workshop. She offers classes and workshops which are designed to help every student improve their skills in photography and understand their DSLRs much better. Semiprivate and private classes are also offered.

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Peter West Carey
Learn and master the great features of your camera in Peter West Carey. The classes will teach the basics of understanding the interplay of light, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Will also teach about the creative use of these elements to achieve the shots you are looking for.

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Photographic Center Northwest
Experience passionate photography classes in PCNW. Every course provides technical training, supports artistic expression and growth, and prepare students with the basic skills for sustained study and practice of photography.

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